Kontraktor STP Biotech, IPAL Limbah dan FRP Panel Tank

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Waste Water Process Solutions Take a look for our waste water system project portofolio galleries. This category contains Sewage water treatment plant...
FRP Panel Tanks Easy to use & install, Anti corrosine, High Precision, Both smooth surface, Exact & consistence thickness, Luxurious
Cylinder Tanks corrosion control storage and processing system which is developed, designed and fabricated by professional engineer sp...
Water Slides is a type of slide designed for warm-weather or indoor recreational use at water parks. Water slides differ in their ri...
Hand Lay Up Products Heat Exchanger, Dome, Grease Box, Tempat Sampah, Recycle Bin, portable toilet and many more
Lining & Coating FRP Lining ussualy used for chemical industry, chemical storage / processing tanks, power plant, waste water treatment, ...
Hospital Furniture Gallery of Hospital furniture products. Hospital Bed, Radiology, Incubators, Electric Operating Table, Anasthesia Machin...

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We produce various types of high quality FRP products using the best material and using the computerized system technologies.