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Wastewater problems in Indonesia especially DOMESTIC WASTEWATER nowadays has become a serious problem. COMPACT BIO System has a very efficient system, because it uses the complete process of Biological Treatment (Anaerobic & Aerobic Treatment) which has remained highly effective despite fluctuations in BOD load in waste water (influent). With a high level of effectiveness, the oxygen required for the aeration process becomes smaller, so the use of Air Blowers are also becoming smaller and use more efficient power consumption.


The main components in the biological process is Bio Media that serves as a medium for bacterial growth in the process of decomposition in BIO COMPACT System. Physically configuration Bio Media "BIO COMPACT System" made of synthetic medium and has been designed to broaden the field of surface contact area for oxidation and decomposition by the microbe as well as reduce the occurrence of clogging.

BIO COMPACT System™ Benefits :

  • Smaller land requirement
  • Installation is easier and faster
  • Small & Efficient Power Consumption
  • Easy & Cheap to operated & maintenanced
  • Fiberglass tanks are made of materials that are made by using the Filament Winding machine according to standard ASTM - 3299
  • Can accept the waste load that fluctuates
  • The volume of sludge produced fewer
  • Capacity can be enhanced
  • Effluent Quality (waste water) meet the government regulations
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