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Royal TECH Water Filter™ are pressure filter, able to filtrate more than 5 bar pressure water. Royal TECH Water Filter™ have tube shape (vessel), made from Mild Steel material, Fiber Glass even Stainless Steel, filled with filtering substances. This substance will be filtrating dirts and also unbenefit minerals contained in the water.

penta tech water filter

Royal TECH Water Filter™ has simple handled operation, cause it is equipped with regular common valves, that can be functioned for both MANUAL or AUTOMATIC operations, Backwash and Rinsing.

THE OPERATION means filtration process by flowing the water to the distributor at the top of the filter, then it is flowing down through filtering substances, resulting the dirts remains at the top of the filtering substances. As the output, clean water will be flowing out through the outgoing pipe to be distribute as needs.

BACKWASH means to clean The filtering substances form dirts that remain, by turning backward the water flow, resulting the dirts flows through the exhaust pipe.

RINSING means to wash filter from residues at the bottom of the filter, appeared as backwash product.

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