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The Fast Assembly - Solid - Luxurious FRP PanelTank

Capacity : 1M, 1,5M, 2M, 2,5M, 3M, 3,5M, 4M, 4,5M, 5M and other capacity

Applications : Office Building, FActory, Apartement, Shoping Mall, Hospital and many other

Advantages : Easy to use & install, Anti corrosine, High Precision, Both smooth surface, Exact & consistence thickness, Luxurious

Accesoris : Outside & inside Ledder, Shell, Cover, Manhole, pipe and many other

Royalfibreglass Reinforcement Panel Tank was made under :

  1. AS 2634 – Chemical Plant Equipment Made From Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP) Based on Thermosetting Resins.
  2. SS 245 – Glass reinforced polyester section water tanks.
  3. ASME RTP – 1 Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic Corrosion Resistant Equipment

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What we can do ?

We produce various types of high quality FRP products using the best material and using the computerized system technologies.