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For the customer needs we manufactures 2 kinds of cylinder tanks : Vertical tanks and horizontal tanks.

Vertical Tanks

Vertical tanks mainly have 2 functions : as storage tanks, or processing tanks. When used as storage tanks, usually vertical tanks is used for water storage or chemical storage (HCl, H2SO4, H3PO4, and other various acids), and also for food grade material storage.

As processing tanks, Whale tanks not only has storage functions, but also as various processing compartment, such as fermentation, mixing, waste management compartment, etc.


Horizontal Tanks

These tanks generally is used for demands with special specification or because of the smaller dimension of the job site. Horizontal tanks are generally used by drinking water companies and crude palm oil companies for water storage, oil storage, and as transportation tanks.

For demands with special specifications, these tanks are used for waste water management (WWM) which need a long process to be done in one single tank.

In addition, these tanks are also used as ground tanks to store water, waste, or oil.

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