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Royal FRP Scrubber, Pipe and Fitting System developed, designed and fabricated by professional engineer specially with custom design and can stand the pressure up to 150 psi. With range of choice 3"-48" diameter. FRP Pipes usually used in Chemical Industry, Sea Water Intake, Waste water, Water Supply and other purposes.

Each Royal FRP Scrubber, Pipe and Fitting System is custom engineered to factor in all a customer’s application requirement and performance variables. Provide us with your specification requirement and detail service conditions, our engineering team would design and fabricate an optimized FRP Pipe system for your specific requirements.

Royal FRP Scrubber, Pipe and Fitting Systems are designed and qualified according to the major international standard, such as ASTM,AWWA, API, ASME RTP-1,BS, JIS, DIN, ANSI.


  • Fire hydrant line
  • Crude oil conveyance
  • Cooling water
  • Industrial waste
  • Chemical pipe
  • Scrubber, ducting, stack
  • Chlorination system
  • Sea water intake
  • Sea water cooling system
  • Effluent/potable/brine water
  • Irrigation piping
  • Sewer/drainage line

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What we can do ?

We produce various types of high quality FRP products using the best material and using the computerized system technologies.