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FRP lining provides the best corrosion  resistant, protection and good adhesion with base material that enhance effective life of the equipments.FRP lining also provides well protection against leak caused by corrosion & abrasive.

FRP Lining ussualy used for chemical industry, chemical storage / processing tanks, power plant, waste water treatment, mining industry and etc, whatever it is, steel equipments or concrete base.


Advantages & Benefit :

  • Low cost
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to various chemicals & gases.
  • Very small vapor permeability.
  • Long life resistant
  • Excellent adhesion strength both to concrete & steel
  • High mechanical strength
  • Hard & smooth surface
  • Simple & fast to apply
  • Immersion liquid temperature up to 121˚C
  • Excellent corrosion resistant to strong acid & moderate to high alkali.

Applications :

  • Lining on chemical storage / processing tanks
  • Lining on steel media
  • Lining on chemicals pond
  • Lining on Steel Tank/Stainless
  • Lining on Industrial Plant Floor
  • Lining on Chemical Trench
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What we can do ?

We produce various types of high quality FRP products using the best material and using the computerized system technologies.