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Our aim is to produce high quality result using the raw Material Resin for the most corrosion resistance of Polyester, Resins Chemical strongly to high (vinlyester) and in combination with various types of glass fiber reinforcement. Production methods including Hand Lay Up, filament technology is controlled a computerized system that produces high mechanical strength and easy set up. Our products are based on technical specifications recommended by the ACMA (American Composites Manufactures Association).

Our priority towards customer satisfaction ties along with our commitment to implement a first-class quality development program. This is reflected in our continuous efforts in developing and improving the standards of our technologies, human resources team, as well as management system.

We will always be ready and available to assist any inqueries relating to our product design, product specification and product application.

Why Choose Royal Fibreglass from PT. Rafa Citra Selaras ?

  • Using The Advanced Technology, Advance technology & manufacturing system to ensure quality products & reducing production cost.
  • Total Solution in FRP, Basic Design & Engineering, Fabrication, Erection & Testing Comissioning More than just fabricator, our job starting from the basic design & engineering.
  • Committed to Quality, Using only the best quality materials to guarantee the quality product
  • International Standard Manufacturing & Design, Refering to ASTM, BS 4994. ASME, API, JIS, ANSI
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What we can do ?

We produce various types of high quality FRP products using the best material and using the computerized system technologies.